November 3, 2014

In a self-improvement effort, this month I plan to post one photo specific to each day’s theme, and to update this page for reference. At the end of the month, I’ll revisit and post links to my favorites along with an explanation describing my reasoning.

Update: November 29, 2014

The word-a-day challenge taxed me at times when I found myself unable to connect with the day’s theme. Looking back over the month, I’m not overjoyed with the individual photos. The confines of a single word limited my creativity at times because my inspiration emanates from within more so than from any external source. This is not to suggest that it’s the case for every artist.

On some days, the format forced me to think of a single word throughout the day in search of a connection. Some people might consider that fostering their creativity. Still, I found the process important and fun. Each day I learned at least one new aspect of photography. Some days that took minutes, other days I invested hours, but I am happy to have added skills. Talk about a learning curve! Certainly, I’ll need more practice.

Below are the themes of each day with links to a few of my favorites.

Day 1 Home  My contentedness comes in reading, writing or thinking in my favorite chair.

Day 2 Street

Day 3 Water The fountain is a work of art and the photo reminds me of spending time with people I love.

Day 4 Bliss

Day 5 Solitude

Day 6 Connect

Day 7 Landmark

Day 8 The Natural World These ripening pine cones inspired a haiku; a form of poetry I had not tried since 5th grade.

Day 9 Warmth

Day 10 Mystery

Day 11 Pop of Color

Day 12 Architecture

Day 13 Moment

Day 14 Swarm

Day 15 Landscape One early morning while driving through town, I came around a bend where a blinding sun highlighted the ice on the tree branches. The stunning sight inspired me to stop immediately to take a photo of the scene that would probably last less than an hour. I only wish that the photo could have captured the sound caused by the breeze forcing the icy branches to snap as they touched, a noise reminiscent of the rhythm sticks I used in elementary school when we studied percussion.

Day 16 Treasure

Day 17 Glass

Day 18 Edge

Day 19 Double

Day 20 Triumph

Final Collage of Favorites


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