This White Admiral Butterfly flew low toward the side of my car. I saw it too late to react and wondered whether it made it the full distance underneath before the back tires crushed it. Arriving at my destination less than a quarter-mile away, I parked and walked around the front of the vehicle.

Buttlerfly on Asphalt IMG_7648

By some miracle, the butterfly moved on the asphalt; awake, dazed and wobbly, but walking…yes, walking away from me across an open expanse of the parking lot. I apologized. I took this photo and proceeded on my way. About an hour later I returned, but it was gone leaving me to wonder, “Did it walk or fly away?”

Drunken Bee

I followed a bee gathering pollen from the flowers.
IMG_4677 Bee Gathering 1

It moved heavily from one to the next unaware of my existence.
IMG_4678 Bee Gathering 2

Engrossed in its quest to find pollen,
IMG_4691 Bee Gathering 3

A drunken bee emerged, its body covered as cotton rubbed on sandpaper.
IMG_4688 Bee Gathering 4