the state or situation of being alone.
“she savored her few hours of freedom and solitude”
synonyms: loneliness, solitariness, isolation, seclusion, sequestration, withdrawal, privacy, peace

Lady Reading Alone
Lady Reading Alone

In Michael Sandel’s Justice Discussion Guide (part 10) regarding solitude, he poses these questions: “Aristotle thinks that the reasoned life of an engaged citizen is a necessary part of a good human life. Is he right? Suppose someone chooses to live alone in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle of communal life. Is there something less good, and less fully human, about a life spent in solitude and isolation? Would it be better to spend one’s life living in a community of equals?”

I ask, “Is the lady in the library abdicating her role as an engaged citizen, choosing instead the solitude of personal thought, or does this solitude allow her to become more engaged?”


6 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. So my thought is: She is far from abdicating her role as an engaged citizen. She is fully utilizing the opportunity an engaged citizen has right too. She has 1) chosen to go to a public library which she helps fund. She has selected reading material within a society that allows access to same. In so doing she is also availing herself of her liberty to entertain or enlighten herself. And she can do it with nobody minding her business but her. She is having solitude as an engaged citizen.

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    1. I appreciate your assumption that she has chosen what to read. How would you respond if you learned that all available reading materials were censored by a government or other entity, thus what she reads represents a skewed selection?


    1. Thank you. I found that my camera does have a grid option, but as fast as I figured it out, I “lost” it. The camera takes some of the best photos, yet the settings are not super-friendly to navigate. Often I know what look I am attempting to achieve, but I can’t figure out how to achieve it.


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