Best Advice from a Professional Photographer

Having taken up a month-long photo course (WordPress’ Photo 101) got me to thinking, which I suppose is the point. I thought it would be helpful to learn from professionals and to combine that which I am learning with others’ criticism in the hope that any resulting wisdom that comes my way sticks.

Before I ask my question of you, I’d like to make a distinction.

Rug Close Up
Peace rug

There are plenty of people who have taken photography classes in order to improve their craft. Countless art schools and universities have no doubt turned out many skilled and talented individuals. Some have gone on to take fabulous photos for a hobby and an occasional stipend, but their lives have led them to other career choices.

What I’m wondering is whether you have received a piece of advice from a professional photographer who makes their primary living through photography or via teaching others (university professor) that you believe has been invaluable. If so, what is the best piece of advice you have ever received from such a professional? Leave that advice here in Comments.

Then check out the advice I got: Going One Better than Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow


4 thoughts on “Best Advice from a Professional Photographer

  1. To know better your camera, first and second not hesitate to make pictures, this is the way you could learn.Go to a museum of art and learn how to look to a painting from different angles this is the way you could learn by yourself, colour, composition and many other things.


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